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"Engaging, practical, and impactful in raising awareness and positively changing attitudes and behaviours around mental health and wellbeing."
Jason Patchell, Surfing Australia Head Psychologist



The leading cause of death for Australians between the ages of 15 and 44 is suicide. In 2019 alone, 2,000 Good Humans took their lives. 

The Good Human Factory addresses this issue by teaching and inspiring participants to take better care of their mental health. Cooper Chapman, our founder – who also happens to be a professional surfer – is our workshop facilitator. 

Our workshops are different to most other mental health organisations. We avoid talking about anxiety, depression and suicide completely. We deliver an educational skills based workshop. We don't want our participants to leave feeling scared of mental illness, went want them to be inspired to implement healthy daily habits.

We want you to leave our workshop knowing that mental health is not mental illness.

Our key concept is - Think GOOD thoughts, Do GOOD for others and then we Feel GOOD. 


Borrowing from his own experience and education, Cooper teaches participants the skills and strategies they need, like mindfulness, kindness, gratitude and responsibility, in order to manage their anxiety, cope better with stress, and live a positive and balanced life. 

Who delivers this message is almost as important as the message itself. If participants can’t relate to a speaker or workshop presenter, they tend to shut down. When they see a fit, youthful professional surfer speak openly about his his mental health in a positive light, it can be very powerful and persuasive.


Each workshop is tailored to the group / industry the workshop is for - request more information below.



What They’re Saying 

I had so many students provide positive feedback, and it was so nice seeing a year group all leave smiling and united together.

One student pulled me aside to say the workshop was the best part of her day and she felt like a different person after it had finished.

Hayley Riley, Teacher -Oran Park High School

“I believe Cooper is to be commended for his dedication and focus on improving the discussion and willingness amongst young people to feel comfortable in discussing mental health.” 

- James Griffin MP, NSW Environment Minister

I really enjoyed this session and have nothing but great things to say. I left the workshop feeling motivated and have the skills to use everyday to improve my mental health. I really liked that the focus points Cooper spoke about can apply to work life balance, particularly workplace stress. And the stories and exercises he ran through really helped pull everything together. Would love to do this session again!

 - Corporate Workshop Participant


"I loved the workshop, Cooper did such a good job with it, it was really engaging, I was able to repeat the whole presentation in my mind and to my family, it really stuck with me. The visuals were really helpful as well like the bucket.

The suggestion on how to strengthen your mental health were very easy and a simple way to really make you feel better. I came into the workshop a little overwhelmed with school and life and came out of the worship feeling calm and a lot better. The workshop really impacted me in a positive way and would recommend that everyone no matter who they are should experience this presentation. Loved it 11/10"

"It was great. I loved the demonstrations and the presentation. It was good for everyone to hear it. I learned heaps and that mental health is not all big things, it can be small things as well."

"Very good, simple content easy to understand and implement in daily life. Engaging."

"Really helpful! Especially when things aren’t great at the moment. Made me realise there’s more to focus on in life besides the negative things."

"Great techniques especially the senses touch hear and see technique"

Student Feedback

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