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Our workshops are engaging, practical and inspirational. Being a young active professional surfer, Cooper can lead from the front and encourage students to get involved in our workshops.

A 45 minute interactive workshop that provides students with the simple question, 'what am I doing to take care of my mental health?' A question we all need to ask ourselves from time to time, to encourage reflection and the ability to identify when we need to use the skills we have to overcome difficult times in life.

Throughout the workshop Cooper uses a bucket as a metaphor to show students that life challenges will always be filling up our bucket, but it's crucial that we have holes in our bucket to maintain our mental health.

Cooper relay's the importance of living with values to find purpose in our lives. Living with key values is great way to maintain a good outlook on life.

Cooper shares the 5 key values he lives by to 'empty my bucket' - Gratitude, Mindfulness, Responsibility, Kindness and Empathy. And has an engaging activity to go with each value as well as some inspiring stories. All while encouraging students to explore the values which resonate most with them.

 Leaving the workshop with a new look at mental health. Not as something confronting but as something we can strive to improve everyday, no different to any other aspect of our health.

We have had great feedback that our new take is both fun and educational from students, teachers, sports teams and corporates.




Cooper has developed a strong understanding of key factors related to boosting individual wellbeing, mental health and has an excellent ability to communicate his concepts in a very warm, authentic and engaging manner to his audiences. Cooper’s Good Human Factory workshops are engaging, practical and impactful in raising awareness and positively changing attitudes and behaviour around mental health and wellbeing.

- Jason Patchell, Surfing Australia Head Sports Psychologist


I believe Cooper is to be commended for his dedication and focus on improving the discussion and willingness amongst young people to feel comfortable in discussing mental health.

- James Griffin MP, Parliament Member for Manly 


“We had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Cooper Chapman at a recent workplace event and all in attendance were blown away by his openness, compassion and focus on improving mental health and wellbeing.

His tips for improving your mental health are easy to practice, but effective. With a focus on the power of reflection, sharing stories and connecting with and learning from others, his concepts certainly resonated with us, as this is exactly how we like to communicate with our own people. And in today’s COVID-normal world, it’s more important than ever to practice appreciation over expectation.

 It’s well worth considering a workshop with Cooper and The Good Human Factory. You will be inspired to make meaningful changes and take better care of your mental health — and help others.”

Dene Macleod
Head of Marketing & Communications


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